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Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations!The search for your lifelong companion is complete and you’re ready to begin the process of planning your wedding, the most extraordinary and memorable event of your life, the moment when I do becomes happily ever after.Please read through some of the most commonly asked questions regarding hiring a wedding professional.

Wedding Coordinator Myths Busted!

Myth:  Coordinators are expensive and only for the wealthy.
Truth:  Did you know that the connections, discounts and cost-saving decisions available with a coordinator will often cover the cost of their services?  The number of hours provided by a coordinator compared to their fee is very low, offering amazing value.  There are a variety of services and fees available so most couples can usually find one that best fits their budget and needs.

Myth:  A coordinator will try to take over and change my plans to their liking.
Truth:  A professional coordinator will be excited about your ideas and will work hard to put you on the right path.  Because we do weddings all the time and have experience in knowing what works and does not work well, we will offer suggestions to ensure your day is successful, fun and worry-free.  However, any final decisions are ultimately up to the client, and a professional will honor that.

Myth:  A coordinator will encourage me to hire only the most expensive professionals so they can get a referral fee or kick-back.
Truth:  Encore Events (and any reputable coordination company) will NOT accept a kick back (referral fee) for directing a client to a wedding professional.  If one is offered, Encore insists that the savings instead go directly to the client.  When considering hiring a coordinator, ask them up front if they receive compensation from fellow industry professionals for sending clients their way.  You want a coordinator to refer you to a wedding professional because they are the best at what they do and are a good fit for you and your budget, NOT because there is financial gain for the coordinator.  This is a complete conflict of interest.

Myth:  Coordinators do not listen.
Truth:  A professional coordinator’s number one objective is to listen to their client.  We will ask questions to dig deep into the planning process and get the creative juices flowing.  We truly want you to have your ultimate wedding, and the only way to accomplish that is to listen to your ideas.  Our ears are always open, and we’re ready to make it happen for you!

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